Thursday, October 1, 2015

Links to Visuals of the Super Moon on Sept 27 & Homework

There was a Super Moon last Sunday night starting at about 9:30pm. Here are two links that you should take a look at.

Link to Teacher Tube video.

NASA Visualization lab - Super Moon

NASA - Images of the Super Moon

HOMEWORK assignment - Due Monday

Research the cause of the Super Moon. Write two paragraphs that explain how and why the Super Moon occurred, how often a Super Moon occurs and when the next one will happen. Why was the Super Moon red? If you saw the Super Moon on Sunday, write about what you saw. Use complete sentences. Due Monday.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Homework for the LONG weekend

All classes

1. Bring in your supplies - it will be graded as a quiz grade.

2. Write a step-by-step procedure for a younger sibling or cousin. It must have at least five steps. Examples include: how to tie a shoe; how to do long division; how to cook an egg. Use your imagination!

3. EXTRA CREDIT: Look up at the night sky and find the moon. Do this four all four nights. DRAW the moon as you see it each night.

Enjoy the holiday!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Welcome Back to School - 2015-2016!!

Hello scientists!

I am pleased you are in my science class, excited for you that this is your final year at Bronx Alliance Middle School, and energized for you to have a successful 8th grade! Come to this blog daily to find your homework. I will always post the materials here so you do not have to miss any assignment.

Welcome letter (to be signed by your parent or guardian)
Click here is download the letter

Student Survey (to be filled in by YOU!) This is graded as homework.
Click here to download the student survey

Let's have a good and successful year!

Ms. Stewart